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Our clients are driven to create, excited to learn, and dedicated to making the world a better place through inspired conversation and action.

Our agency represents clients that are empowering people to live a happier, healthier and more thoughtful life. These clients are creating pathways to better living with innovative products, services and mindful leadership. They are, most importantly, advocates for social change.

Clean Beauty, Equine and Canine Health and Wellness, Health, Non-Profit, Wellness Travel

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Client Success

The Vanguard has been building relationships within the beauty, business, health, non-profit and sustainability business and consumer verticals for over 10 years. Our relationships are extremely strong and incredibly diverse, spanning a variety of media genres from new media to print to broadcast.


What our clients say

“KristinAnn and her team have great connections that have benefited our business in many ways since we are working with them. They operate in a precise and timely manner, and are kind while staying professional. The Vanguard helped us to define our PR goals, and constantly fuel us with new ideas, so we can make sure to reach those objectives. Thank you!"

Ildi Pekar | Ildi Pekar

What our clients say

“Knowledgeable in the world of PR and social media. A natural born leader, she is energetic, smart, and well versed in many aspects of business. She helped bring my company into the living rooms and boardrooms of our customers.”

Michael Katz | Matisse Footwear

What our clients say

“The Vanguard is a place where creative, driven designers come to work with creative, driven professionals in a thriving, success driven environment. A peek at their client roster shows the caliber of talent they both attract and posses.”

Crosby Noricks | PR Couture

What our clients say

“My team and I really enjoy working with KristinAnn. She “gets”us and understands our brand’s values. We are really impressed with the people she has allowed us to collaborate with. We look forward to continuing this partner in the future.”

Julie Jensen | Echoview Farm and Mill

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