The Vanguard is a modular communications and public relations agency, founded on the notion that bigger is not always better.

We have combined big agency capabilities with boutique agency adaptability to form a smart team of creative leaders who eliminate the need for unnecessary resources and processes. Compact and laser-focused, we create, execute and measure well-rounded communications strategy within short timelines and competitive budgets that defy industry norms.

Our company culture is defined by giving back, and we are dedicated to creativity and community. Each year, The Vanguard donates a percentage of its net profits to a variety of non-profits.

As a socially-conscious business, we invest in advanced communication training beyond industry standards. We excel at providing insights into how a purpose-driven mission is paramount to effective communication. We conduct business in alignment with our values, principles and vision for a better world.


KristinAnn Janishefski

Founding Principal

As principal of The Vanguard, KristinAnn helps clients in the fields of health, wellness, sustainability and non-profit communicate their vision, discover new avenues for growth, challenge the status quo, and evolve their business to achieve their goals. She is committed to ensuring the fundamental values of social entrepreneurship are communicated and incorporated into every business strategy.

KristinAnn’s passion for partnering with entrepreneurs who are making a monumental impact has taken her all over the world, including Montreal (where she started her business), Vancouver, California, Texas, Barcelona and Chicago. Her work abroad gives her a unique perspective that informs her communication strategy and helps her and her clients create an intentional influence on the world around us.


KristinAnn is committed to helping others find their purpose through meaningful work. This responsibility extends beyond her business. Community is an integral part of her life. An equestrian since age 5, KristinAnn continues to dedicate her time to helping animals. She serves as a board member to numerous animal welfare organizations in her new home state of Colorado and volunteers for The Colorado Therapeutic riding organizations.

KristinAnn has lead talks at universities around the country and has been quoted as an expert on public relations in the health, wellness and sustainability field in college textbooks and numerous publications. Prior to founding Vanguard, KristinAnn rose through the corporate entertainment, sustainability and fashion media ranks working as Public Relations Director of Le Chateau, Canada’s leading fashion brand.

Our Approach

The Vanguard creates mission-driven communications strategies that are agile and adaptable. We are passionate about advocating for health and wellness issues, which means we understand their nuances. We also understand the unique goals of your business and how to meet and exceed those goals using communications strategies that are relevant and revenue-driven.

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