Who we are

Located in beautiful Aspen, Colorado, The Vanguard specializes in thoughtful, mission-driven PR & communication for clean beauty, health, non-profit, and wellness travel clients that reflect the current economic, cultural, and social landscape.

We design strategic communication plans to raise brand awareness, elevate your organization’s profile and educate consumers on brands who are revolutionizing their industries and empowering people to live a happier, healthier and more thoughtful life. Our agile strategies allow us to quickly respond to opportunities and create interesting ways of engaging your audience while remaining transparent, inclusive, authentic, and thoughtful.

The Vanguard is a modular agency that partners with specialized senior-level consultants who are the best in their field. This allows the agency to avoid the high monthly overhead that many of the bigger agencies must shoulder while allowing each client to work directly with the agency founder. This approach allows us to pass savings on to our clients and deliver fast, effective and cost-efficient results.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help create enduring institutions that care for people AND their shareholders. We are committed to changing the world for the better and redefining the way brands think about communications and public relations. Through our work, we celebrate and reward socially conscious companies.

Our Values

Our values are the guiding principles that help to define how our business creates a positive impact on our employees, our clients, and our community.


Transparency and honesty

Fostering trust with clients, partners, the media, consumers and our consultants is a prerequisite for success. We believe that trust is the most effective way to produce a great team, brand communication strategy and achieve high-quality, measurable results for our clients.



We support our community through volunteer work and ongoing donations. We also develop strategic community impact programs that provide education and value.



We seek to solve problems related to sustainability and health. We empower people through education and solutions that help them live a happy, healthy and purposeful life.



We respect different cultures and viewpoints and believe diversity fosters creative thinking and effective problem-solving.



We believe in results you can measure. We tie every initiative to clearly-defined performance indicators based on our clients’ objectives.



We value accountability in our relationships with employees, clients, partners and the community.