Our Approach

The Vanguard crafts multi-dimensional plans for communicating the right message, to the right audience, at the right time. We do so by listening to our clients and developing custom plans that reflect their unique needs.

Our strategies integrate both consumer and business audiences to illuminate what matters most to both, thus maximizing exposure to individual audiences. We are foremost focused on results and committed to achieving and exceeding set benchmarks. Through our creative and unique approach, The Vanguard is chosen by clients in the US, Canada and abroad to reach both national and international market segments.

Our Services

  • Public Relations Strategy

    • Developing dynamic, innovative and strategic communications programs
    • Increasing the reach and impact of mission-driven companies
  • Thought Leadership

    • Media training to define a clear narrative and perspective from your point of view in order to build engagement and understanding
    • Carefully craft those narratives into thought leadership profile pieces to elevate and install company leaders into editorial stories
    • Speaking outreach and procurement for thought leaders
  • Media Relations

    • Leading conversations between important media members and clients to help cultivate long-term relationships and ultimately driving editorial coverage to increase brand equity, marketplace differentiation, sales, and exposure
    • Development of media “meet and greets” so influencers can understand first-hand your principles and values
  • Messaging and Brand Development

    • Leading messaging workshops that are designed to identify your unique voice while seeking to unearth new ideas and stories, and create content that matters
    • Mining unique customer perspectives
    • Distilling appropriate messages for social media insights
    • Development of corporate brand messaging
    • Competitor analysis
    • Define target audiences and what actions they should take
  • Digital Brand Engagement

    • Identifying and partnering with an online community of like-minded people and brands with shared interests, values and perspectives
    • Developing clear and consistent social media marketing strategies
    • Crafting coherent brand messages to boost engagement
  • Advocacy Communications

    • Development of advocacy communications plan and position statements
    • Honing messages, strategies, and the substance of advocacy communications campaigns
  • Community Outreach Programs

    • Reaching out to like-minded partners in your local community to drive brand awareness and engage in programs to lead conversations around your brand
    • Develop ongoing events to help cultivate meaningful interactions with the public and drive brand awareness
  • Crisis Communications

    • Crisis response plan development
    • Strategy and messaging development and execution
    • Spokesperson training
    • Development of holding statements
    • Post-Crisis assessment

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